While prescription eyeglasses are a popular way to correct vision and provide clear, crisp vision, they can also have drawbacks. For example, frames are usually visible at the edges of your field of vision. They also limit your physical activity when wearing them. 

These issues may lead someone to consider switching from glasses to contacts. Switching from glasses to contact lenses can provide a sense of freedom. Contacts are less likely to fall or break compared to glasses. Additionally, contacts can boost one’s confidence due to their appearance. However, there may also be some anxiety for first-time contact lens wearers.


What Are Contacts?

Contacts are small, thin, curved disks made of plastic or other materials. You place them on the eye's surface for cosmetic reasons or to correct vision. They replace eyeglasses to fix vision issues such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.

Contact lens types include daily wear, extended wear, disposable, and gas permeable. They require proper care and maintenance to ensure the health and comfort of the eyes.


Guidelines for Switching to Contacts



Cleanliness is an essential aspect of taking care of contact lenses. Compared to glasses, contact lenses require more frequent cleaning and maintenance. Because of this, you will have to improve your hygiene when using contact lenses.

It is essential to clean your hands frequently, especially before handling the lenses, putting them on, adjusting them, and removing them. This is because dirty hands can lead to dirt and debris in the eye, causing irritation and even eye infections.


Adjustment Period

Switching from glasses may take your eyes time to adjust to contact lenses. In the beginning, wearing them for an entire day may be challenging. So, start wearing them for short periods before gradually increasing the time.

For example, you can start wearing them in the morning and switch to glasses in the afternoon. It is common for eyes to feel dry after wearing contact lenses for a long time. In such cases, eye doctors recommend using hydrating eye drops to moisturize the eyes during wear.


Relax, and Be at Ease

Switching to contact lenses may cause anxiety for some individuals. Concerns such as scratching or getting stuck may arise. The best approach is to be at ease with the process. Remember that if there is any damage, you can always get new lenses; with time and practice, this anxiety will subside. It is essential to develop a habit of leaving your contact lenses in the solution when you take them out. This helps hydrate and clean the lenses.


Awareness of Prescription

Many people have one eye being more dominant or stronger than the other, resulting in different prescriptions for each eye. It is essential to know which lens goes into which eye. Wearing the contacts the wrong way can cause eyestrain or headaches. Most lenses are marked with an R for the right eye and an L for the left eye to help you differentiate. 

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