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clarifyelogoCLARIFYE uses advanced digital technology to provide high-resolution, 3D images, simulations and videos that give your eye doctor in Cincinnati, Ohio and you s window to your eye health. This customized view of your eyes helps your doctor detect health issues including glaucoma, cataracts, and diabetes. Instead of relying on the manual process you may have experienced before, Clarifye reads the shape of your eyes and automatically pinpoints the best prescription.

Clarifye benefits:

  • Reduces which is better “1 or 2” guesswork, providing accurate measurements to ensure you will see your best.
  • Provides day and night prescriptions. Clarifye measures your pupil for both day and night vision to determine whether you need a different prescription for day and night.
  • See the world through a family members’ eyes. Clarifye’s vuesimulator can show you a side-by-side comparison of how your family member will see without their glasses and with their new prescription.
  • Early diagnoses of medical conditions the advanced capabilities of Clarifye can detect early signs of medical conditions, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, cataracts, macular degeneration or retinal conditions. The technology will be able to show how your vision will be impacyed if or when your eye condition progresses. The vuesimulator can show how your family member will see with a healthy eye compared to an eye condition that has progresses.
  • Helps patients get a precise prescription for their best vision by mapping all the small details precisely so your prescription can be customized to your eyes.

The Clarifye Systems Caters to:

  • ​​Patients who have anxiety about the exam process
  • Patients with learning, mental or physical disabilities
  • Patients who choose not to drive at night
  • Patients with family history of ocular, corneal, and or health conditions
  • Patients who need contact lenses
  • ​Patients who want to understand their vision and eye health needs
  • Parents with children
  • Patients with elderly parents
  • Patients who need glasses for the first time

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